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Monday, May 14, 2007

Help find Madeleine...

Madeline's fourth birthday has just passed yesterday and she has still not been found. This is a time when individuals pull together and hope that this little girl will be found, so please lets keep hoping and praying that Madeline comes home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Innocent Fairy has finally finished...

Well I sat my last exam on the 9th May 2007, I have finally finished my undergraduate degree in BA Hons' Sociology at Goldsmiths College, the University of London. Now I await my results whilst I enjoy my summer of freedom - earning money (lol) until September when I start the London Of College for my MA degree in Fashion Journalism.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The London College of I come!

Remember when I started this blog and I was unsure about my future? Well I am about to finish my final year for my degree in BA Hons' Sociology and I have decided to become a fashion journalist. I applied to the London College of Fashion (University of The Arts London) for the MA Fashion Journalism course. For the application process I had to provide an essay, personal statement and a final topic outline that got me to the next stage which was an interview.

After waiting eleven days after the interview, I finally heard back from the London College of Fashion. The letter consisted of an 'Unconditional Offer' that I have, of course, accepted! As the offer is unconditional it is like a breath of fresh air. Normally MA courses only allow individuals onto the course under the condition that they get a 2:1 or higher. Of course I am aiming for a 2:1 - I always have been doing but the fact that it is unconditional is less pressure. So London College of Fashion here I come, I can't explain my excitement and happiness!

Watch this space...

Monday, February 26, 2007

The eight year old boy that is 14 stone...

Before I headed off to university this morning, one story caught the sociological interest in me about an eight year old boy that is fourteen stone, I repeat, fourteen stone.

Shocking, indeed…but what is interesting about this story is the debate of whether to take the child off the parents into care or not. Is this child abuse? Well lets think about it for a moment, I believe that if parents starve a child purposely then that is ‘child abuse’, I also believe parents who smoke around child is also child abuse, alongside the usual bodily harm, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and so forth.

But is the overweight child also the subject of child abuse? It depends, whether the child has something genetically and medically wrong with him that is making him overweight (or in this case obese), or if the parents are just feeding the child a load of junk food.

If the child has become obese through a medical or genetic condition, then is it case closed…is it then up to medical science to deal with the matter and is therefore not a case of ‘child abuse’? Certainly not especially in this case, because if the little boy (named Connor) does have a medical or genetic condition that is causing his obesity then shouldn’t the parents’ be doing their best to prevent heart disease and so forth - such as not feeding him ‘junk‘…?

It is not rocket science, nor is it difficult to carry out…give your child a HEALTHY diet, simple as that. In the case of Connor, his family says that Connor has chips with everything, alongside curries, sausage sandwiches and chocolate biscuits…and whatever other crap he is given.

Blame the parents? Damn right! An eight year old does not work and therefore does not earn money, so who buys the shopping? The parents. Who cooks? The parents. Who is in charge and makes the choices? Well, it should be the parents.

Should the child be taken into care? Well, I do believe this is somewhat extreme as the child is not going to be taken away and miraculously come out ‘skinny’ and even if he does his parents will probably quite happily make him fat again. The parents’ like Connor’s should be educated (Jamie Oliver has tried this in schools), but at the end of the day it is just common sense.

Thinking back to when I was a child I participated in activities such as ballet, tap, swimming, riding my bike, being taken to the park - almost every evening and especially at the weekend. We were allowed a treat every Friday such as an ice cream from the ice-cream van outside our school, or a little cake from the bakery. Fattening foods such as chips were eaten every fortnight and even those were shared between four to five people, so it was not a massive amount. My mother baked and made fresh food such as haddock, potatoes and peas.

Back when I was child when I ate meat we had beef burgers but these beef burgers were made by mother, which consisted of lean fresh Scottish beef, shredded carrots (yup!) and onions and they were baked - not fried. We were also given plenty of vegetables and fruit and my mother gave us packed lunch because she argued that school dinners were made from rubbish - and of course, she was correct.

The difference now is that parents are getting younger and popping out children whilst they are still in their school uniform, so how can parents teach their children how to eat a healthy diet when the parents are still children themselves and therefore still learning? Moreover, it is often parents who are uneducated especially about a healthy diet and are lazy because they can not be ‘bothered’ (or in the words of Catherine Tate ‘bovvered’) to cook or take their children to places where they can participate within activities.

Instead they would rather get chips from the fish and chip shop, warm up ‘convenience food’ and let them have fizzy drinks and chocolate so they do not get harassed or ‘bothered’ by their children. It is in a way ‘neglect’, or making up for their guilt by giving them food.

This particular child is severely overweight, I am female and six foot...and I thought I would check out Connor's weight within my height range and I found that the BMI is 26.58, which would be extremely overweight for my height! This child is eight and is obviously not six foot, so imagine what fourteen stone of fat is doing to his body. My actual BMI is 18.9 which is 'ideal' for my height and I am six foot, little Connor's BMI is certainly shocking if not disturbing,

I believe that children who are obese are the subject of child abuse, whether they have a medical or genetic condition - because parents should still try their best to give them a healthy diet. After all, the child can not really make a ‘choice’ because they do not have money (because they can not work) and they are not mature enough to make ‘adult’ decisions. But one does not own the child, they are the offspring from one’s body and the role of the parent is not to ‘abuse’ the body of the child but to educate the child, love the child, comfort the child, care for the child and not give them ‘something’ that will stay with them for the rest of their life - this is of course a bad childhood.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bargain is the word...

I am just letting you all know that I have a few items for sale on eBay that include a Marc Jacobs jacket and a Zara smock dress, check out the items for sale under my eBay seller name which is: Selena1020

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The size 0 debate...again!

Well London Fashion Week is upon us once again and us young women are in the middle of that debate about size 0 models...again. The media does not seem to be getting bored with this matter, but first of all I would like to point out that a US 0 is actually a UK 4. Yes, it is still tiny BUT the size 0 label is only really an American phenomenon.

The size 0 consists of a 23" waist and it has been said that individuals like Victoria Beckham who have a size zero body, actually have the body of a seven year old. The media argues that these women influence young girls to be like them which may develop into self starvation or over-eating that results in purging (the use of vomiting, laxatives and weight loss drugs), the psychological labels for these are known as 'anorexia' and 'bulimia'.

To be honest, I would be dissapointed if Victoria Beckham influenced my child (not that I have one) - as she is hardly a role model for 'fashion' nor 'beauty' in my opinion. Moreover, the actual debate circulating within the British media at the moment is: 'should size 0 models be banned at London Fashion Week?'

My answer is, no. Why? Would you ban a individual from entering somewhere because they are over weight or obese? Probably not, so why should individuals be persecuted because they are considered to be 'underweight'. However, skinny girls may be banned because they are seen as a bad influence on other girls not because they are skinny.

The girls are models, the clue is in the word. Models are paid to look good and galavant up and down the catwalks to 'wow' or 'shock' the crowds - they are the gaze of the opposite sex, they represent what 'beauty' should be and clothes are meant to be 'hanging off them' because they are basically a 'hanger' for the clothes. Indeed designers might argue that if clothes could be sent down the catwalk on hangers, then they would - because they look best on hangers, they hang correctly which is why they use the emaciated body of the model.

It is the media that annoys me in all of this. The media show photos of Nicole Ritchie and various models looking 'good' showing the world how 'beauty' should be...yet when it comes to London Fashion Week, lo and behold, stories everywhere of the 'size 0 cult', anorexia and bulimia survivors, those 'evil' pro-Ana and pro-Mia boards...the list goes on.

First of all, I believe the pro-Ana and pro-Mia movement are not 'evil' they are simply an internet community where sufferers of 'anorexia' and 'bulimia' come together to discuss their problems and offer support whilst resisting the medical model of 'anorexia/bulimia'. These girls are the result of the media, the pressure of the capitalist world and patriachal society.

Women who choose to diet because they want to become a size 0 choose to be that size. One can not force their body shape to become a shape that it can not possibly be - after all, we are all born in different shapes and sizes. Tall women carry off weight better, as it is well proportioned throughout their body (look at Lilly Cole who is a UK 10/US 6).

Since the 1960s body shape has been getting smaller for women and it is now smaller than ever. It is agitating when one looks at beautiful models and wishes to be that way themselves. But what individuals fail to understand is that these women are air brushed and supermodels are not always the size that women think they are.

Being a woman is difficult, obviously, but it is time to get over this whole 'size 0' debate and not having to watch silly attention seeking ex-band members (*cough*...Eternal) starving themselves to become a size 0 when they do not understand why women become a size 0.

Models are under a large amount of pressure from their agencies, designers and the media - they are told what to wear and how to look. They are chosen for being tall (minus those that are just used for editorial and individuals such as Kate Moss who I consider to be quite short), unique, dainty, long limbed and basically 'skinny'. But this is the way of the model world and the truth is, individuals have to deal with this.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New York has all that jazz...

...but I am not talking about 'fairy dust'! New York City certainly has that 'magic' as I found the city constantly has a buzz, day and night.

I first went to NYC when I was eighteen to work in a weight lost camp for overweight children in Liberty, NY - however, I only stayed two nights in NYC in the whole of three months because the camp was basically near the Catskills Mountains. I disliked my experience of working in this children's camp as I became more stressed, developing migraines and having trouble sleeping - I returned home (back to Britain) just two weeks before my work experience was to finish. To be honest, I was somewhat dissapointed with myself because I had a whole trip planned and paid for that would visit such places as Texas, Louisiana, New Orleans and so forth. The two nights that I spent in NYC during this time was fantastic, although I did not get to see much as I was alone and eighteen, therefore I felt afraid of travelling round an unknown city.

However, I have now returned to experience the 'NYC Experience' for real and it was amazing! I found Greenwich Village and SoHo was my favourite area as it was packed with streets of little unique boutiques, cafe bars, bistros and so forth. SoHo is where I stumbled upon on the Betsey Johnson boutique and bought myself a lovely little dress from her latest collection.

We stayed in a hotel, literally a two minute walk from Times Square - this was a 'tourist mecca' and was not my kind of thing. Yes, I am a tourist...but to be surrounded by tourists and all things, well, touristy - can get annoying. But it we found a great restaurant for Thai food, a typical American diner for that gorgeous chocolate malt milkshake...but how could one forget the 'singing diner'? This was a unique experience, never before have I entered a restaurant where waitresses sang! This was hillarious because during our visit to this diner, one old chap got up yelping, screaming and dancing whilst his wife sat down and watched like it was the most normal thing in the world - this was a perfect 'movie' moment. But it was also lovely in a way that this man was old, yet, he came accross like he was having the time of his life. I guess this is what New York City does for individuals.

One of the greatest experiences was visiting the Statue of Liberty (we did visit the Empire State Building, but did not go to the top because we do not like heights very much), taking a ferry accross to the island and learning about how Lady Liberty was built and seeing Manhattan from accross the water will stay in my memory forever. It also made me think about the tourist on September 11th that were visiting Lady Liberty and how they must had seen the attack from the island made me shudder.

I did not want to visit Ground Zero, I believe this place should be left alone unless you have lost a love one here - then it is understandble for a place to visit to remember them. However, it should not be a 'tourist attraction' as I feel disturbed by individuals who wish to see it out of morbid curiosity. We did, however, walking past the ground to get to Century 21 - but we did not look and gawp...only walked past, but I can not explain the feelings I felt whilst walking past a ground where such a large amount of individuals died.

Moreover, Century 21 reminded me of a large TkMaxx - I did not really like it, nor could I be bothered to search for items on my holiday that were considered a 'bargain'. Although they did have Betsey Johnson shoes and various BCBG items, I only ended up buying some concealer from Clinique.

NYC is certainly the home of shops ranging from little boutique, to the largest deparment store in the world (Macy's). However, I found such department stores (Macy's and Bloomingdales) to be expensive and never bought anything from them. I did enjoy Forever21 though, where I purchased two tops - this store was like an American Topshop and was very cheap with some great clothes. We also visited 'Abercrombie & Fitch' on 5th Ave' and I was greeted by a guy baring his six pack - to be honest, I have never felt so insecure in a store where all the guys and girls looked like models out of Vogue (do not visit this store if you get insecure easily).

We also visited the 'Museum of Modern Art', alongside the 'Rockfellar Centre' - where one could go ice skating! I enjoyed the art museum, especially the gallery of photography and I also enjoyed relaxing with a frappuccino in the Rockfellar Centre.

Me and my boyfriend did not want to leave NYC, in fact we both wish we were there now. It was sad to go over the bridge from NYC to the airport leaving the city behind...all I can say is that I hope to visit NYC in the future (or even live there - many would) and all I can say is; I heart New York.